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Global Warming on the March

CLERMONT FERRAND (FRANCIA) - MALTEMPO E TEMPESTA DI NEVE IN FRANI’m anxious to see if we will see a response from warming alarmists on the record cold temperatures and early snowfalls around the world. Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi blogged this holiday forecast for Europe:

The development of a major blocking high pressure system over the north atlantic and its subsequent backing west is about to throw most of Europe into the coldest winter weather pattern in many a year. In fact, Temps over the next month or so are liable to average 6-10 degrees F below normal over the center part of the continent with the northwest coldest last, but still getting into the games. Intuitive with this is the likelihood of more than normal snow and ice. As the upper block backs west, arctic discharges from the north and east are liable to bring shots of severe cold back into England and with it enhanced snowfall.

While it has been “chilly” so far, what is about to come is the worst in many a winter, perhaps the sign that the warm AMO is reaching its maturity. The US winter has been much like those around 1950 which was the benchmark winter in the pac northwest of the US and was the warning shot that the warm cycle of the 30s 40s and 50s was starting its end game. It should be comforting to people worried that we are pushing our planet over the edge that things that happened before are happening again, though the discomfort caused by cold is a big problem.

Italy’s Corriere della Sera wrote of a bitter arctic blast arriving on Christmas day and lasting through the New Year where snow is likely to fall, even in large Italian cities where snow doesn’t usually fall.

I’m sure the global warming crowd, including my husband, won’t let this latest freeze change their minds. They’ll surely argue that the violent fluctuations confirm their contention. After all, their theory began as ‘global cooling’ in the 70’s, evolved into ‘global warming’ and is now known, albeit for the moment, as ‘climate change’, a more all-encompassing and vague label. Who can argue climate change? The mere fact that we have seasons demonstrates climate change’s implication. Our climate does in fact change.

Me, well, I’m getting a kick out of hearing my Italian in-laws phone my husband with their new ‘it’s never been so cold here’ stories.