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Save the planet! Save the peatland!!!

In their most recent climate summit in Bali, the environmental junta set its sights on a familiar target—the U.S. But in their coordinated and overt attempt at booing the U.S into concessions, they failed to adequately address the pollution challenges of developing nations, not of just China and India, but also the conference’s host country—Indonesia.

A recent article in the Italian magazine, L’Espresso, warns of the catastrophe looming in the Indonesian island of Sumatra where palm oil is being mined through deforestation. Palm oil use has increased seventy-five percent in the last ten years thanks to the junta, who once believed its extraction would fuel their bio-fuel boom.

According to the article, the razing of the peatland areas, where the palm oil is concentrated, will cause “49 billion tons of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere,” or in simpler terms, the equivalent of the earth’s carbon emissions for one year.

Funny how Gore and his fellow America bashers seem more interested in singling out the United States than they do in protecting the environment. Gore skeptics are shouted down time and again when they dare to question his hypocritical behavior, but are we at least permitted to question whether his anti-Americanism has surpassed his interest in finding what he calls the inconvenient truth?