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U.S News vs World Report

Dissent at your own risk.

8655_corriere_della_sera_2006These days, voicing contrarian positions in America has become an act of bravery, as self-defined progressives now control the White House, Congress, academia and the mainstream media. Don’t buy ‘man-made’ global warming? The warming nazis might cut your mic. If you believe immigration laws should be followed, be ready for the ‘racist’ label that’s headed your way. And if your version of healthcare reform favors reducing costs over creating a greater burden, you’d better be prepared to be called an ‘old people killer.’

But liberals/progressives, by definition, should embrace free thought and debate, instead of running around like the Gestapo to silence critics. Conservative talk-radio’s success coupled with the failure of any lefty-talk programming, have inspired whispers of a ‘fairness doctrine’ resurgence from Capitol Hill. In commie land, Fox News is a propaganda network, but MSNBC would make Murrow proud.

It’s a shame, but I often have to read my Italian newspaper to obtain American news stories; because the stories or studies that conflict with the mainstream media’s agenda go unreported. Monday, the PNAS or the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released a study by two Vanderbilt professors who maintain that individual households can reduce carbon emissions by thirty-seven percent if the actions were implemented by everyone. By their estimation, using past energy-efficient programs to estimate the number who would participate, the researchers claim that the total U.S emissions would be reduced by 7.4%.

Kyoto failed, as will Copenhagen. But individuals, by choice, can make a difference.

Tuesday, this study made the front page of the Corriere della Sera. Curious, I performed a quick Google search of news containing the aforementioned study and noticed that it did make Vanderbilt University News, along with a couple of local TV stations’ websites. What is groundbreaking to some remains insignificant to others. It’s Friday now, and the study still hasn’t been reported.

Making global warming news Tuesday, in the U.S, was  Britain’s climate chief who was interviewed by the UK’s Times. He believes we should all become a bunch of vegans to save the planet from methane created by cow farts. And just a few days ago, it was a New York Times writer asserting that young Americans had a duty to the planet: have fewer children.

While the UN and its elite accomplices, some with a financial interest in the adoption of cap-and-trade, are hoodwinking Americans into scrapping 80% of their economy over climate change’s unproven hysteria, the mainstream media seems only interested in pushing population control and cow-culling when all it might take would be to insulate our water heaters and better service our cars.

Maybe learning a second language isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Huckabee, the Presidency and the Pope

I haven’t met an actual Huck-backer since he began skyrocketing in the polls and shaking up the pundits’ election score-card. I just don’t get the fascination with him. Sure, he’s shown many positions, but are those positions really in line with the GOP? He’s a prolific pardoner, he’s disinterested in closing the borders, and I’ve learned that he not only can lead the congregation in sermons, but also in song. Only, instead of “Old Rugged Cross”, it’s more like “Kumbaya” and “Kyrie.”

So what is the reason for his surprising frontrunner status in Iowa and South Carolina? I gather it’s his ministerial background as opposed to his gubernatorial one. Apparently, Republicans are electing a Pope, not a President.

But how would some of the world’s greatest leaders have fared under this relatively new, yet narrow criterion? Carter vs Reagan in 1980. I have no doubt: if the more dedicated Christian had won, we would have missed out on perhaps the most prosperous decade of the 20th Century, not to mention one of its best Presidents. What about a sinner like Sarkozy who dared to divorce his first wife, and, gasp, is in the middle of his second separation? Would he be elected in the U.S.?

I don’t know, the preoccupation with faith in politics has me bewildered and depressed. In this election cycle at least, the candidates’ dedication to Christianity appears essential to their viability.

Maybe it’s not too late to persuade one of my parents to run; after all, they’re both Southern Baptist Sunday school teachers.

Save the planet! Save the peatland!!!

In their most recent climate summit in Bali, the environmental junta set its sights on a familiar target—the U.S. But in their coordinated and overt attempt at booing the U.S into concessions, they failed to adequately address the pollution challenges of developing nations, not of just China and India, but also the conference’s host country—Indonesia.

A recent article in the Italian magazine, L’Espresso, warns of the catastrophe looming in the Indonesian island of Sumatra where palm oil is being mined through deforestation. Palm oil use has increased seventy-five percent in the last ten years thanks to the junta, who once believed its extraction would fuel their bio-fuel boom.

According to the article, the razing of the peatland areas, where the palm oil is concentrated, will cause “49 billion tons of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere,” or in simpler terms, the equivalent of the earth’s carbon emissions for one year.

Funny how Gore and his fellow America bashers seem more interested in singling out the United States than they do in protecting the environment. Gore skeptics are shouted down time and again when they dare to question his hypocritical behavior, but are we at least permitted to question whether his anti-Americanism has surpassed his interest in finding what he calls the inconvenient truth?