He Gave Back Churchill

It isn’t religious.

Not to disappoint the birthers, those who call him Osama instead of Obama or even those who think he’s a Muslim, but Mr. Obama’s position on the Mideast revolution is comprehensible and simple. It also has nothing to do with religion. 

 In 2009, when Iranians braved death in the streets of Tehran, POTUS was MIA. On the other hand, when Mubarak was under fire from Egyptians, the President lent support for his ouster. Now that Gaddafi has brought out helicopter gunships to mow down his own people, how has Obama reacted? He hasn’t and he won’t.


 He won’t react and he won’t condemn. Muammar al-Gaddafi like the grotesque Iranian Ayatollahs and the terrorists in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood share an important bond—they hate America. Apparently, so does our President.

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