Joe Taxpayer

bidenBeyond the parade of tax-cheats nominated or occupying cabinet posts, the tax returns of Obama and Biden demonstrate how easier giving becomes as zeros are added to your paycheck. They also reveal another startling hypocrisy rampant among Democrats—they want taxpayer sacrifice but are unwilling to do it themselves. Obama gave away 6.5% of his adjusted total income—$2,656,902 and Biden, just .2% of his $269,256.

In case anyone wonders why so many of America’s richest are liberals itching for tax hikes, just look at these tax returns. The Obamas donated 6.5% and are still left with over $2.5 million.  Poor Joe couldn’t give much. How could he keep up with D.C’s power elite if he gave away an Obama like 6.5% of his paltry $269,256? Where would he go for suits?

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