‘Resistance Missiles’ in Gaza

gaza_massacre1Now in its fourth day, Israel’s assault on Gaza remains a top story from China and Russia to the United States. The coverage and characterization of the story, however, varies according to the region and language doing the reporting.

Tuesday, Al-Arabiya’s top story (English), written from ‘occupied Jerusalem,’ is entitled ‘Gaza children die as Israel rejects truce.’

Also today, Al-Jazeera (Arabic) headlined with ‘364 martyrs of aggression in Gaza and the resistance missiles in Beersheba.’ We can all feel better knowing that those hundreds of missiles bombarding Israel for the past several months were merely ‘resistance’ missiles.

Yesterday, Al-Jazeera’s Arabic version referred to a leader of the Jerusalem Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, as a martyr when his house was bombed by the Israelis in a raid.

In another Aljazeera piece from Arabic ‘Angry demonstrations will force Arab cities to hold an emergency summit,’ Israel’s assault is called the ‘Israeli massacre on the Gaza strip.’

Why should Hamas stop firing its missiles when so many, especially in the Middle East, view them as ‘resistance’ against an occupation? Until Arabs and Muslims accept the right of Israel to exist, peace talks will continue to be an exercise in futility. And until the ‘right of return’ is abandoned, Palestinians will continue to lack privileges inherent to citizens belonging to a nation.

4 responses to “‘Resistance Missiles’ in Gaza

  1. Israel is occupying Palestine since 1948, as before 1948 Israel did not exist,
    It is the right of the palistenine to resist occupation during World War 2 the frenish resist the German occupation to France and the resistance people treated as heroes
    So why not for the Palestinian .Please say the truth Gaza is under siege for long time ,people have no food, no drinking water, no medicine this was long before during the truce period between Hamas & Israel, the Israeli never kept award always break the truce .

  2. How about the recent story of the animals in the Gaza Zoo? How their cages were booby trapped? I’m truly sorry for the Palestinians in Gaza who live without passports, education and safety. But, I don’t at all sympathize with the ruthless leadership of Hamas.

    Your land is gone. It’s been 70 years. In wars, there are winners and losers. The American Indians lost. Mexico lost California and the southwest.

    The Palestinians aren’t seen as resistance fighters…They are seen as losers of a war who refuse to recognize the simple notion that they have, in fact, lost.

  3. So being the stronger side justifies your actions?
    I’ll tell you what – in that case, 6 million jews deserved to die in the holocaust, because they couldn’t fight back. What rubbish.

    • Being the stronger side doesn’t automatically justify retaliation or violence. If I believed that, I would believe that the Tibetans deserved to
      be murdered and tortured by the Chinese, and the Arab Sudanese were justified in their systematic slaughter of Darfuris.

      Your Holocaust argument is a non sequitur. Those 6 million Jews didn’t lose a war. They weren’t bothering anyone, and they never declared
      war on Christian Europeans.

      What I found interesting was the use of ‘resistance’ missiles and other language referenced in my blog. Until Palestinians concede defeat,
      there is no point in summits and negotiations from outside parties such as the U.S. and EU. And by their choice of words,
      they’ve shown no sign of concession.

      My opinion on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is likely different than most, because I am sympathetic to both. I don’t, nor will I ever,
      know what it’s like to live without a passport, in squalor, where the only education and health care is provided by a terrorist organization.
      I’ve also never had to live with the daily threat of rockets and suicide attacks.

      The way I see it, ‘resistance’ only applies to an ongoing war, not one that ended decades ago. Sure, American Indians have the right to fire
      rockets and claim that their land was stolen. But they don’t. Why? Because they’ve accepted that they lost, and until the
      Palestinians do the same, they won’t emerge from the squalor they find themselves.

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