Wilders, Fitna and Two Korans

So when they (the Jews) exceeded the limits of what they were prohibited, we said to them: “Be you monkeys, despised and rejected.” ~Surah 7:166 of the Koran in describing how Allah transformed Jews into monkeys and pigs as punishment for their transgressions (from the book Islam and the Jews by Dr. Gabriel PhD).

That’s my small attempt to protest the outrageous removal of ‘Fitna’ from various web sites.

Millions watched ‘Fitna’ for the few hours it was online. Millions are concerned with the ongoing sanitization of Islam carried out by western elites, and millions want to learn about verses which came after Mohammed’s Mecca revelations. Elites don’t like what Islam became after Mohammed failed to convert Jews and Christians in Medina. ‘Fitna’ doesn’t incite, it tells the truth by using the words of Mohammed, peace not be upon him.

In the film, Wilders merely uses sermons from imams, words from the Koran and actions of faithful Muslims to provide a more complete picture than the one we are getting from elites in the media and educational institutions. And I applaud him.

2 responses to “Wilders, Fitna and Two Korans

  1. Now take a look at this:

    By the way, that conclusion about Jews is totally wrong! Quran is talking about those of Jews that
    make corruption on earth. An example at this time is the Zionist Regime of Israel, and in old times, those Rabbis who killed (or tried to kill) Jesus.
    Similar are said about the Moslems.
    If you are looking to find something to defend
    your own idea it is not so difficult. But finding the truth takes both time and courage.

  2. By the way, “fitna” is borrowing some truth from Quran putting them beside some other unrelated truth from todays news and making a completely false conclusion.
    Those behind “fitna” are mainly racists looking after much higher goals than just insulting others.
    It is a shame that educated people in internet speak in a level of some terrorists, racists, and international criminals that only provoke hate and violence among people.

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