China Bans Mickey in Favor of 中国卡通

donald-duck.jpg chinese-cartoon.jpg

They have really done it this time. China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has removed Mickey Mouse and all other foreign toons from Chinese TVs, “to create a conducive environment for innovation in Chinese cartoons.” Poor Donald wasn’t spared from China’s axe, either.

The measure extends a Mickey black-out, already in place for the afternoon. Apparently, it wasn’t working, so they needed to try something more drastic, deciding to go after the all important “dinner cartoon hours.” According to Italy’s Corriere della Sera, “the SAFT has also asked the television networks to maintain a ratio of 7 to 3 transmissions between Chinese cartoons and foreign cartoons.

Next thing you know, they’ll be going after knock-off Louis Vuittons, Harry Potter counterfeits, and illegally pirated Hollywood films and music. Oh no, wait. They

profit from those little endeavors.

7 responses to “China Bans Mickey in Favor of 中国卡通

  1. never mind mickey can always say…….
    Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse!

  2. In my opinion, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television …are just insane! Who doesn’t love mickey and donald?

  3. They are insane!

  4. Its because their cartoon Industry is struggling to compete with foreign cartoons .
    Call it a regulation of the Sino-Asian Cartooning Market in China :).

  5. I think Mickey Mouse is not fun if you see it in a chinese context, I grow up in Mexico, i moved a few years ago to china, and really, Mickey Mouse is boring.
    In the other hand, i think the goverment is defending his interest, like any other goverment will do, did you ever saw “vampires in havana” in the US??, can you find TAZ in NY?…. NO!

  6. LAWL, I have an idea: make better cartoons, China! Then you wouldn’t have a problem. D:

  7. is it really a step forward?
    China censored the masterpiece uproar(or havoc) in heaven in 64.

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